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Met|Hodder puts customers in charge of the DOOH content cart

MINNEAPOLIS — Met|Hodder, a digital out-of-home (DOOH) content strategy, creation and management company, and in-store shopper research experts Marketing Roundtables announced a partnership to offer qualitative content performance research services.
“It’s safe to say that all DOOH networks rely on content to attract, engage and sustain the attention of audiences,” said Kent Hodder, Met|Hodder president and executive creative director. “Yet audience input has been under-represented in programming strategy and content choices.”
“Our DOOH research offering complements the many quantitative research services available in the industry,” explained Jim Cahill, Marketing Roundtables president. “The qualitative research we conduct adds context to metrics-based efforts. It paints a richer picture that’s only possible from audience observation in locations where content plays.”
Clients can engage the Met|Hodder-Marketing Roundtables team in a variety of ways:
– Brand marketers already using DOOH media: Test and optimize existing content, adapt assets from established campaigns for digital network use and devise strategies for expanding and fine-tuning programming.
– Brand marketers considering DOOH media: Determine whether and how brands can best use the medium.
– Media companies and brands that have or seek content relationships with a network. Help network operators and their potential media partners determine the best content sources, formats and frequency in a network.
– Retailers and consumer destinations that operate or host networks: Provide guidance on how to enhance the audience experience and ensure that overall programming and specific content align with the host’s brand and objectives.