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Mercedes-Benz Belgium-Luxembourg adopts iDklic digital signage

Mercedes-Benz Belgium has recently selected iDklic to deploy a digital signage network to more than 65 dealerships in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

“By using iDklic’s integrated digital signage solution, we are able to unify the visual communication at our dealers and convey the Mercedes driving experience. A flat-panel, high-definition NEC digital signage display can portray the driving experience far more vividly than a two-dimensional poster or a newspaper ad ever could,” said Kris Coumans of Mercedes-Benz Belgium. “In addition to brochures, we want something that would appeal to our customers on a more sophisticated level, right when they walk in through the door.”

Mercedes-Benz TV is displayed in more than 65 dealerships, including Smart dealerships. The iDklic Media solution NEC 50-inch commercial-grade monitors controlled by an integrated HDTV iDecoder specially made by iDklic for Mercedes-Benz.

Coumans said the overall objective of the network is to communicate more effectively by standardizing the communication and increasing the Mercedes branding within the dealerships.

“Using the iDklic Media solution, we are able to communicate more dynamically towards our end-customers,” he said. “Long term, we want to expand the visual communication by adding additional screens.   The content selected by Mercedes-Benz Belux mainly originates from Mercedes-Benz TV (, the Internet TV channel of the brand. The entire broadcast loop is a mixture of television commercials and documentaries. The selection of content, as well as the front-end programming, will be executed by Mercedes-Benz Benelux. The network will be managed and programmed through the headquarters of Mercedes-Benz in Woluwe, Belgium. iDklic Creative, iDklic’s in-house creative studio, will deliver content adaptation services and the production of commercial messages on the network.

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