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Megaphone launches multiplayer game on digital billboard

NEW YORK — MegaPhone, an out of home media gaming company, launched its first massively multiplayer “stadium-sized game” for Bank of America in Times Square this past New Year’s Eve.The game, which is featured on Bank of America’s marquee outdoor screen at the corner of 46th and Broadway, is a football trivia challenge.
To join the game, viewers simply use their cell phones to call a phone number displayed on screen, and by pressing the buttons on their phone up to 500 simultaneous players can answer trivia questions to compete in real time.
This interaction, powered by the MegaPhone service platform, allows callers to answer questions in less than half a second, for a fast paced trivia contest in front of the New Years Eve crowd. A “Quickdraw” leader board tracks who answered each question the fastest, and a scoreboard shows the winner of each round. At the end of the experience, callers receive an SMS text message with sign up information and a web link for Bank of America NFL Checking and Extra Points credit cards.
The MegaPhone platform is based on phone calls, so it requires no downloads, and works on every cellphone ever made, on every carrier, in every country in the world. MegaPhone worked with Organic Inc., Bank of America’s digital and interactive agency, on the project.