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MediaTile's Kelsen named 'Digital Signage Man of 2008'

POULSBO, Wash. — digital signage Forum, digital signage News, Online Buyer’s Guide and Network Database announced that they have named Keith Kelsen of MediaTile the digital signage Man of 2008.

Jill Miller, president of The digital signage Group was named digital signage Woman of 2008, and Jason Clupper of Neoti Broadcast Network was named Best Newcomer of 2008.

This is the third annual Men & Women of digital signage award distinction, which acknowledges the contributions of individual people to the development of the digital signage industry.

“We are honored to have this panel of judges and high caliber of nominees and winners,” said Lisa Jachimowicz, president of the digital signage Forum. “They represent credibility, insight and expertise into digital signage from a variety of job perspectives.”

In nominating Jill Miller, Jay Patel, president of Bluefire Digital said “as executive leader of one of the most creative and friendly US providers, Jill Miller has made major contributions to the growth of digital signage in the digital signage aggregation and distribution market.”

In the nomination of Keith Kelsen, Rich Perry of BTV+ said “as I look at 2008 accomplishments, I believe Kelsen has moved the industry forward toward wider acceptance of this medium through the projects he has worked on and the breadth of his industry involvement.”

“What Keith Kelsen has accomplished on top of running a successful and innovative company is impressive,” said Josh Coffman of DNA Network and contest judge. “Not only does he run a hardware and software company, but he has shown that he is committed to good content.”

Kelsen is also chairman of the Best Practices for Content committee for the digital signage Association.
“It is an honor to be named digital signage Man of 2008 among my peers,” Kelsen said. “This industry is exciting and I intend to turn up the heat for our industry even more so in 2009.”

“Justin Clupper deserves the newcomer nomination due to his vision and involvement in the community,” said Brian Rutkowski, partner of GoMotion Digital. “His company has a commitment to, donating a third of all advertising space to local community organizations and the National Ad Council, thus showing their commitment to the industry and community. He is also using various industry technologies such as free Internet hotspots to enhance the end user experience.”

The awards will be presented in person at The digital signage Show during the “Tech Talks” on May 7 at the “Using Social Networking and other tools to Build, Maintain and Market Your digital signage Business” track.
*Editor’s note: digital signage Today has no connection to the digital signage Group, digital signage News or the digital signage Forum and had no involvement in the nomination, judging or selection of award winners.

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