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MediaTile to support HumanKiosk through Alcatel Lucent partnership

The ng Connect Program today announced a new proof of concept developed by The MediaTile Co. in collaboration with Alcatel-Lucent. The program members have announced the first “HumanKiosk” prototype, a digital signage solution with integrated 4GVideoPresence technology.

According to a news release from MediaTile, the HumanKiosk will enable brands, retailers and other vendors to influence consumers where and when they shop. It combines out-of-home digital promotions with a way to connect personally with consumers who are purchasing products in-store, at the point of decision.

The HumanKiosk leverages 4G/LTE technology to deliver a live, two-way in-store video session between a consumer with a product question and a representative of the product or service.
A customer seeking information about a prescription after an in-store pharmacist has left for the day can simply tap the touchscreen to establish a live visual and audio connection with a pharmacist or product expert at another location.
MediaTile says setting up the fully integrated solution requires nothing more than a standard power outlet, making it easy to deploy in almost any environment.
With 4G/LTE technology, no on-site networking infrastructure or I.T. services are required to set up and use the HumanKiosk.
Simon Wilson, chief executive of MediaTile, believes solutions like HumanKiosk could permanently change the digital signage market: 
With more than 155 million estimated viewers each month in the U.S. now watching digital signage networks as part of their daily routine, adding 4G/LTE into the equation means these viewers will be able to interact directly with the vendors whose products are onscreen. 4G/LTE and technologies, such as 4GVideoPresence, will fundamentally change the digital signage market as we know it today, and allow brands to re-engage and interact with consumers in a more personal, face-to-face manner.
The HumanKiosk, with its 4GVideoPresence capabilities, is just one of many digital signage configurations possible using 4G/LTE technology. With its massive bandwidth and persistent IP-connection, 4G/LTE-equipped digital signs will support a variety of rich media services, including on-demand video requests, live emergency video broadcasts, one-to-many broadcasts, one-to-one broadcasts, rich-media services and other significant communication enhancements.
Derek Kuhn, vice president of the Emerging Technology and Media Group at Alcatel-Lucent and a founding member of the ng Connect Program, says the long-term viability of 4G/LTE technology adds value to digital signage solutions:
By adding 4G/LTE networking directly into digital signage solutions, such as those developed by ng Connect member MediaTile, network operators will be able to provide a new level of experiential content for their customers. With more and more customers deploying 3G networks today, providing a built-in roadmap to the future with 4G/LTE adds tremendous business value and investment protection to digital signage about which customers are already ecstatic.