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MediaTile digital signage to feature AccuWeather content

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — andMediaTilehave announced the availability of a new offering that enables advertisers to target advertisements based on weather forecasts and other variables.

MediaTile, a digital signage platform provider and leader in cellular-based signage solutions, has now incorporated the information into its digital signage system to allow advertisers to deploy contextual advertisements that are determined by environmental conditions such as weather, news, time or the market itself and respond directly to viewer concerns, increasing the effectiveness of the advertising.

“By partnering with AccuWeather we can now deliver a single solution for advanced weather services to our global base of distributors and clients,” said Keith Kelsen, CEO and chairman of The MediaTile Company. “The combination of AccuWeather data with MediaTile’s integrated support for dynamic and contextual ads means that elements like local temperature, rain and pollen count can not only be displayed, but actually trigger which ads play on a local screen.”

digital signage to feature AccuWeather content