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MediaTile demonstrates 4G HumanKiosk solution at CES

MediaTile today announced a breakthrough in brand-to-consumer communications using a prototype high-definition interactive display that combines live two-way video communication capabilities with simultaneous interactive promotional messages. The free-standing, second-generation prototype takes advantage of the high bandwidth wireless IP-connection from the emerging 4G/LTE services provided by ng Connect Program member, Alcatel-Lucent. The interactive digital signage prototypes are being demonstrated in the Alcatel-Lucent/ng Connect Program booth #2503 in the Venetian Veronese area of CES.
“With this technology and the 4G/LTE connectivity, brands will be able to have direct and personal influence on consumers where, and when, it matters most,” said Simon Wilson, CEO of The MediaTile Company. “Now, consumers in retail outlets can have their questions answered by an expert when making a purchasing decision. Our HumanKiosk prototype is a game-changer in retail merchandising and promotional programs, as more than 70 percent of brand selection decisions are made right at the point of purchase.”
The HumanKiosk utilizes 4G/LTE technology to deliver a live, two-way, in-store video session between a consumer with a product question and a representative of that product or service.
For example, a customer seeking information about a new product can simply tap the touchscreen to establish a live visual and audio connection with a product expert who could be located virtually anywhere around the globe. 
Setting up the fully integrated solution requires nothing more than accessing a standard power outlet. It can be deployed into any retail, service or other locations that consumers regularly visit. With 4G/LTE technology, no on-site networking infrastructure or IT services for deployment or management are required to set up and use the solution, making it ideal for organizations to deploy virtually anywhere.
“4G Video Presence is a perfect example of the type of innovative communication solutions that are enabled by 4G/LTE technologies and services,” said Derek Kuhn, vice president, Emerging Technology and Media Group, Alcatel-Lucent, a founding member of the ng Connect Program. “While companies such as MediaTile are using 3G networks today for digital signage, providing a built-in roadmap to the future with 4G/LTE adds tremendous business value and investment protection on today’s digital signage solutions.”
4G Video Presence is just one of the many digital signage configurations possible using 4G/LTE technology. With its massive bandwidth, and persistent IP-connection, 4G/LTE-equipped digital signs will support a variety of rich media services including on-demand video requests, live emergency video broadcasts, one-to-many broadcasts, one-to-one broadcasts, rich-media services, and other significant communication enhancements. All of this brings viewers and promoters closer together, and because 4G/LTE services are completely independent of existing on-site terrestrial or Wi-Fi networks, no on-site support and management is required.