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MediaSignage releases 1.5 version of free digital signage software

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — MediaSignage, a free Web-based digital signage software platform, has released its Version 1.5. Included in the release are the following features:
digital signage timeline “Schedular” The Schedular is flexible and allows for complete control over what, when and how each timeline will play. The Schedular includes priority levels and it is configured using a new “what you see is what you get” interface.
Kiosk, user interactivity MediaSignage now provides full support for kiosks. Signage users can browse the internet using HTML components or navigate through custom developed kiosk modules. The 1.5 release also supports custom developed Flash/Flex components. Each module is imported and played in the AIRPlayer natively.
Signage catalog The signage catalog is an approach to displaying hundreds or even thousands of items and products in digital signage presentation. The catalog is flexible and allows you to use a single template to flip through endless number of items or products.
More enhancements and fixes The 1.5 release is packed with features, bug fixes and enhancements. Some of these include, All RSS internal AIRPlayer caching, single channel continuous play mode, display reseller info on AIRPlayer restarts, support for mp4, mov and 3gp video formats, optimized playback control and much more. MediaSignage is in the final stages of completing a current beta release. It expects to enter the final release towards the end of September 2009. Once it enters the final release it will begin charging for its services, while still providing first  AIRPlayer licenses for free.

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