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Mediasight launches Digital Signage Management Access Protocol

NEW YORK – MediaSight has announced the launch of its digital signage Management Access Protocol (DSMAP), a network and firewall-friendly connectivity solution that provides direct access to digital signage players, with no requirement for any port mapping, static IP addresses, changes to firewalls or the installation of APN or VPN technology.

DSMAP allows for management control, remote desktop access, content distribution, player health reports and telemetry using a single outward bound connection to a DSMAP Server and provides access to any number of devices located on any network without compromising security.

This technology gives digital signage operators the freedom to implement managed digital signage solutions across enterprise networks, retail environments and shared success networks, and can be installed on any existing digital signage network without requiring any software changes.

This technology is a TCP/IP transport protocol provides direct access to Windows and Linux PC’s and solid state devices that would otherwise be unreachable due to firewalls or private addressing typically implemented by 3G, GPRS and most broadband providers.

digital signage Management Access Protocol