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Media targeting highlights new EnQii Engage software release

EnQii has released a set of sophisticated features and user enhancements to its EnGage digital signage software platform. At the core of EnGage is a media targeting and scheduling engine that enables users to create, manage and measure highly targeted digital screen networks. The Campaign Manager platform allows users to efficiently build almost any content experience for their audiences.

The Web-based platform also introduces a series of content management enhancements and new features, including an intuitive, drag-and-drop Graphical User Interface (GUI) utilizing Web 2.0 technologies, auto-thumbnailing and asset tagging for media uploads, built-in “SmartContent” widgets, full text search and filtering for content, and deeper capabilities for dynamic data, including event-based content triggers.

Local messaging capabilities are expanded using OnSite Messenger, which enables secure, targeted messages by individual site managers on deployed networks, and automates information displays such as menu boards and meeting room systems.

“We really think of EnGage as leapfrog technology,” said EnQii CEO Ajay Chowdhury. “It builds on a decade of development and experience, but also has the logic in its design to deal with a converging media landscape. EnGage is not just about digital signage. It’s an integrated marketing platform that considers the Web and mobile, and media that’s still just emerging.”

The EnGage platform builds upon EnQii’s Remote Transfer platform, the digital signage industry’s first purpose-built, Web-based Software as a Service platform. EnGage is designed to simplify what can be a complicated process of running a large, ambitious digital screen network.

“We already had what’s been called the top solution in the marketplace, and EnGage makes it that much better,” said Stuart Armstrong, president of EnQii North America. “EnGage gives our clients an incredible amount of flexibility in the way they can plan their media messaging, and as their businesses really take off, they’ve got a platform that can handle growth at any pace or scale, and also deal with the customization they might need.”