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Marcus Midtown Cinema installs multifaceted digital signage network

Texas Digital has completed its VitalCAST digital signage software installation at Marcus Theatres new Midtown Cinema in Omaha, Neb.Marcus Midtown Cinema, which opened in November, is a four-level, five-screen entertainment destination located in Midtown Crossing at Turner Park in Omaha.
For the Marcus Midtown Cinema installation, Texas Digital’s software is installed on 26 LCD screens in a variety of sizes as digital menu boards, box office signage, promotional boards and wayfinding signs near the theatre’s escalators. Six of the displays are LG’s new 38-inch Stretch Screens, which are located at each auditorium entrance.
The concessions and box office displays will all be updated automatically via an interface between VitalCAST and Marcus Theatres’ Radiant Systems point-of-sale (POS) system. VitalCAST will give the theatre more signage options than static signage allows, such as dayparting and announcing specials, and the ability to adjust pricing and other features on multiple screens.
“The dynamic changes we can make because of Texas Digital’s innovative digital software are very exciting,” said Bob Menefee, vice president of advertising, marketing and food and beverage for Marcus Midtown Cinema. “Not only can we quickly adjust menu prices, we can also create and market dining specials quickly and efficiently. Utilizing the other LCD screens located at strategic positions throughout Midtown Cinema, we can easily communicate to customers the amenities we feature on each floor and highlight the unique services our in-theatre dining concept, Cinedine, offers our guests, which is available in all five auditoriums.”

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