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Manchester Central center gets digital signage upgrade from Pixel Inspiration

MANCHESTER, U.K. — Pixel Inspiration, a digital signage agency, has completed the installation of a digital signage based flexible branding system in the international conference and exhibition center Manchester Central.
The flexible branding system features six optical front-projection Supernova screens positioned above the main reception, connected to create an image span of over nine meters.
The installation enables Manchester Central to offer advertisers and exhibitors high-impact flexible branding packages, using digital animated content to grab the attention of thousands of visitors and delegates as they enter the conference center.
The flexible branding system also allows the conference center to update the content shown on the screens at the click of a mouse, so that animated branding and advertising can be displayed to compliment each event, or to promote its own facilities.
Pixel selected Scala’s InfoChannel software suite to streamline the management and broadcast of content and provide flexible, high-performance playback across the multi-region, high-resolution displays.
“From brands and advertisers, conferences and exhibitions are all about standing out from the competition and catching the audience’s attention,” said Nikk Smith, technical director at Pixel Inspiration. “The integrated Supernova screens create a high-impact display area on which full animated audio visual content can be broadcast, so that Manchester Central can easily control what content is displayed and when.”

digital signage upgrade from Pixel Inspiration