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Magenta introduces new Mondo switch for digital signage connectivity

NEW MILFORD, Conn. — Magenta Research, a provider of video/audio/serial signal distribution and switching over Cat5/CatX cable and optical fiber, has introduced its next-generation Mondo Matrix UTP switch for connecting multiple digital signage screens.

Mondo III-SAP adds support for addressable, full-duplex serial — a first for a Magenta switch. This technical hurdle was overcome by the development of Mondo III–SAP output cards, which, when combined with MultiView–SAP receivers, allow users to extend and switch high-definition video, stereo audio and addressable duplex serial to 2,000 feet (610 meters), all on a single cable.

Bi-directional serial communication is useful in digital signage applications where display telemetry and/or metric collection are required, or in circumstances where users want verification that commands are received and implemented by the remote receiver/display.

Additional features introduced with Mondo III-SAP include a front-panel indicator dashboard, dual fans, a replaceable air filter, backlit 2×16 character LCD with four push buttons (used for configuration and diagnostic purposes) and a variety of redundancy-driven initiatives, all designed to make installation, switching, maintenance and daily use easier than ever before.

“The Mondo quickly became a standard for casino, government and commercial A/V switching projects,” said Magenta chief scientist Chris Miller. “With the added application support that Mondo III provides, we expect it will make even further inroads into the switching market.”

If addressable, full-duplex serial functionality (-SAP) is not required, users can opt for standard Mondo output cards to switch video, audio and/or simple serial signals. All Mondo Matrix switches are built in a modular fashion, in increments of 16 inputs/outputs, from 16×16 to 256×512.

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