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Lyle Bunn offering ‘SPEED' digital signage training program

TORONTO, Ontario — Lyle Bunn of BUNN Co. has announced the availability of the “SPEED” digital signage training program, aimed at providing end users and suppliers with knowledge and techniques to better plan, launch, deploy, sell and apply digital signage. SPEED offers practical, accelerated training for potential and new end users, suppliers, advertisers and investors to improve business and project planning, launch, deployment and the application and use of digital signage and digital out-of-home media.   Lyle Bunn, the author and primary presenter of SPEED is widely recognized for his independent writing, education and counsel in North America’s digital signage industry.   “SPEED” is an acronym for “Structures for Planning, Explanation, Excitement and Deployment.” The core half-day program is comprised of several modules that allow end user and potential suppliers of digital signage, such as systems integrators, commercial audio-visual, sign, graphic, digital print, content and other providers to better plan objectives, timelines and budgets, and define key elements of a digital signage initiative.   This succinct, information-rich program will provide a sound foundation of knowledge and practice to organizations wishing to use or supply digital signage,” Bunn said. “SPEED fills the information gaps between the interest in using digital signage and the selection of technology.”    SPEED is a practical, accelerated “how to” program with take-away guides, structures and templates. It will get project champions and suppliers up to speed quickly to accelerate digital signage project lifecycles and provide the solid planning foundation needed for digital signage project success.

“Internal project champions and supplier representatives will gain high value from this training program,” Bunn said.   The SPEED program is offered for private presentations to end user and supplier including their client and partner events, and for delivery at technology, marketing, advertising, retail and association events and conferences. SPEED can be customized to meet specific needs and event schedules.
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