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LocaModa to provide social networking to Zoom digital signage network

Zoom Media & Marketing, a provider of targeted digital out-of-home (DOOH) media programs for brand advertisers, has announced a strategic partnership with LocaModa to bring interactive media and social messaging to Zoom’s network of digital signage screens.
After working together on interactive campaigns for AT&T and VH1, the companies agreed to enter a longer-term strategic relationship. Under the agreement, LocaModa’s interactive applications will run as part of Zoom’s content mix, which runs on screens in more than 600 bars, restaurants and nightclubs.
LocaModa will enable mobile and social interaction, connect to social networks including Facebook and Twitter, and provide real-time audience data to brand advertisers.
According to LocaModa, mobile phones and PDAs have quickly become the tool of choice for consumers to interact not only with each other and advertisers, especially in nightlife venues. Mediamark Research data has shown that recent bar goers are 96 percent more likely than the average adult to use text messaging, and 75 percent more likely to use text messaging to respond to an ad.
“The convergence of digital out-of-home, mobile and social networking technologies is driving innovation and creativity in the media industry,” said Dan Levi, Zoom’s SVP of Digital Media & Strategic Partnerships. “LocaModa anticipated this development, and their platform provides advertisers with an unprecedented ability to engage with consumers in the ideal environment for interactive marketing programs, Zoom’s nightlife destinations. LocaModa’s technology allows bar goers to make a seamless transition from communicating with their friends to interacting with advertisers.”

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