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Lighthouse launches HELIOS LED digital signage system

HONG KONG — Lighthouse Technologies Ltd., an LED technology provider has announced the launch of HELIOS (High Efficiency LED Informative Operations System), a digital out-of-home system that delivers and manages advertising messages easily and efficiently, in indoor and outdoor settings.

SF6-SVP, the first HELIOS model to be launched, is a dual-sided display unit with a high-resolution digital face on one side and a back-lit poster on the other. The 6mm pixel pitch, 3000-nit LED panel is capable of displaying dynamic content in a rotating fashion, significantly minimizing overhead costs. The back-lit poster on the opposite side makes it ideal for places where traffic may pass by either side of the display, such as attraction sites, high density areas, and high traffic roadsides, while the built-in speaker system allows for multimedia ad experiences.

Content management and distribution can be done via Wi-Fi, 3G and CDMA wireless technologies as well as landline connectivity, while its Multicast content distribution system lets users update the content on all display units simultaneously from a central monitoring control. HELIOS features plug-and-play installation, user-defined dynamic layouts, an embedded scheduler and playlist manager, and instant messaging.

“HELIOS is a sophisticated digital out-of-home advertising system that features a sleek design and is simple to use,” said Lighthouse general manager Peter Chan. “It’s excellent brightness and true-to-life image quality creates immense impact on audiences wherever they are, from bus stops to amusement parks, ensuring our customers gain tremendous value from every unit installed.”

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