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LevelVision, Met|Hodder launch best practices site for content design

ROANOKE, Va. — digital signage innovator LevelVision and leading media marketing firm Met|Hodder have unveiled an online how-to guide for digital content planning and creation by retailers and advertisers seeking to reach the popular “Millennial” crowd (born between 1978 and 2000). This best practices site can be found at

LevelVision reaches the key Millennial demographic through its successful College Bookstore Network, which offers digital content over LevelVision’s patented floor-based IntelliMat device. To date, the College Bookstore Network is deployed and providing advertising in more than 280 college bookstores.

Visitors to the best practices site learn first-hand to plan and maximize use of the College Bookstore Network’s content loops, learn guidelines and restrictions and see a sample school calendar with recommendations for content planning. Content creators learn how to produce precise content using pre-formatted templates, tips for design and composition, including how to take advantage of IntelliMat’s unique four-quadrant screen layout.

Content providers are already taking advantage of the College Bookstore Network’s platform display, and are reaching Millenials with informative programming such as “Top Five Ways to Go Green,” “Cooking for College,” news, weather forecasts and sports — all delivered in a variable five-minute loop. Ten and 15-second ads featuring major brands run throughout. An independent study found that 77 percent of consumers noticed the IntelliMat in stores.

“For digital out-of-home networks to be genuinely successful, they have to be more than a combination of technology and content,” said Kent Hodder, chief executive officer and executive creative director at Met|Hodder. “The underlying systems for creating, evaluating and managing content are just as important. This best practices Web site is just one of the tools we’ve created to help our clients handle network content as a dynamic yet well-controlled process.”