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Lamar and Krystal take home POPAI digital signage awards

EXTON, Pa. — Scala announced that POPAI has awarded its partners the Krystal Company and Lamar Outdoor Advertising for excellence in digital signage applications for their respective categories.
Lamar — Silver Award, Transportation/Transit
Lamar’s objective was to deploy a nationwide network of full-size outdoor LED billboards targeting prime real estate and heavy traffic areas. Lamar developed a Web-based ad sales and management system integrated with Scala InfoChannel, available from PSX Corporation, where a customer can dynamically view and update ads on the billboard. Lamar’s digital displays are used to advertise special promotions, one-day sales, breaking news, price points, etc.
The Krystal Restaurant — Bronze Award, Hospitality/Entertainment
The Krystal Restaurant, located in Chattanooga, Tenn., wanted to design their restaurant with their 1950s theme of drive-in eating with customers selecting meal choices from a menu available at their car location. The meal would then be delivered to their car by car-hops.
While Krystal wanted to maintain this retro look and feel they also wanted to enhance the customer experience while introducing the efficiencies of modern fast food restaurants. Krystal contacted the Hammond Communications Group, who designed a menu board system for interior and exterior meal offerings.
If a customer chooses to eat their meal in their car, the digital signage menu board provides a live TV entertainment feed for the local Chattanooga area. Audio is piped through a specific station on the car’s FM radio.
“Scala is proud of the innovation and creativity exemplified in our customer’s award presentations,” said Gerard Bucas, chief executive of Scala. “While deployments of digital signage networks are pervasive around the world, only a few deployments actually redefine the next generation of technology for a given market segment.”

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