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Kiosks and digital displays assist in community-oriented police efforts

According to the Tulare (Calif.) Advance-Register, Tulare police recently accepted a $37,667 grant to buy three computer-aided dispatch monitors and a computerized kiosk to be displayed at the department’s lobby.

The Tulare police chief said funds from the grant received must be spent on equipment, technologies and projects that promote community-policing programs.

The dispatch monitors will show supervisors data from police calls as they go into the system, allowing resources to be better coordinated to reported incidents.

The computerized kiosk will display and stream crime trends and statistical data to include contact and resource information, and will also interface with the department’s under-construction website, which will provide information and schedule of events furthering the department’s community-oriented policing efforts.

For more information about public-sector kiosk deployments, visit our Government research center.