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KIOSKCOM: Virgin Megastore exec to discuss self-service

Don’t let the fact that Virgin is closing its U.S. Megastores fool you: the high-tech, multi-department retailer rocked when it came to providing a cohesive, energizing customer experience. Even when it came to self-service technology and digital signs, the stores made headlines with innovative mass deployments that drew shoppers to the media and then helped them play it. It’s not the fault of the stores’ kiosks and digital signs that Virgin can make more money subleasing the real estate than selling CDs and t-shirts.   Robert Fort, Virgin CIO and vice president of information technology, will talk about the deployments Thursday, May 7, 2 p.m., in a keynote address at the KioskCom Self Service Expo and The digital signage Show.   According to a show release, Fort will discuss how Virgin used customer-engaging technologies such as kiosk listening stations, Virgin TV and more to make a truly unique customer experience. He also will discuss how these customer engaging technologies help improve employee productivity and control costs throughout all of their retail locations and environments, and ensure better compliance and consistency.