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KioskCom/The Digital Signage Show: Noventri showcasing tech, know-how

Noventri officials say that it’s a matter of course that the company will be on hand at KioskCom and The digital signage Show to feature its latest products and share its know-how with expo participants.

The 2010 KioskCom Self Service Expo and The digital signage Show in Las Vegas is focusing on the needs of organizations to develop customer engagement technology, including kiosks, digital signage and digital media technologies, and Noventri is both showcasing its wares and participating in the show’s educational sessions.

Noventri will be exhibiting alongside Harris Corp. in booth #345 and will present hands-on demonstrations of its SF-3000 Infocaster-based digital signage solution; the Commander, a touchscreen command station for digital signage networks; and a wayfinding application that works exclusively with Harris Corp.’s Infocaster.

According to a company release, Noventri will be the grand finale of the digital signage Tour, providing ample opportunity for agencies and organizations to fully view the company’s innovative solutions. Noventri is primarily partnered with Harris Corp. and its Infocaster digital signage solution, says Noventri vice president Andrew Hoffman. Infocaster’s been around for a while, but the ways the company is integrating it with its Commaner and SF-3000 products are new and innovative, he says.

“What’s neat about it is it enables us to do some cool things with Infocaster, for example one of the things is wayfinding solutions,” he said, noting that the detailed wayfinding solutions Noventri has come up with bring a new level of complexity to the Infocaster. “That’s something new and exciting that has a lot of ‘wow’ factor and has created a lot of buzz with our clients.”

According to a company spokesperson, the Commander is “like a touchscreen command base for digital signage networks for people who aren’t very PC inclined; they can bring up whatever layouts they want with the touch of a finger.” Hoffman described it as “basically a remote control for digital signage networks.”

Noventri’s other featured product at KioskCom and The DSS is its SF-3000 solution, a digital signage player, creation station and manager that runs off Infocaster.

Noventri will also be participating as one of three partners in the “Cooking Up Content” educational series that will be moderated by Lyle Bunn, a well-known expert in the field. The series will consist of three chapters or sessions:
  • Strategic Briefing
  • Content creation/ Content Development
  • Final Play Loop/Final Content

According to the KioskCom Web site, “content creative and strategy collide during ‘Cooking Up Content: From Concept to Screen.'” The seminar aims to outline best practices for the complete content strategy, composition and presentation process for a digital out-of-home campaign:

Building on the success from the well received New York City debut in November, 2009, we are excited to present the 2nd Cooking Up Content: From Concept to Screen at The digital signage Show 2010 in Las Vegas. This demonstration will provide venues, brands, network operators and other interested attendees with an inside view of the content creation process – from strategy to creative to deployment of content for DOOH networks.

Three leading content creation strategists will demonstrate their process in strategic planning, content creation/development and content deployment for improving customer engagement though DOOH networks and other digital media. The fishbowl environment provides attendees the opportunity to “look over the shoulder” of some of the best digital media content producers – and see content best practices in process.  

digital signage Show: Noventri showcasing tech, know-how