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KioskCom/DSS: What's the IQ of your digital signage?

Noventri and Harris Corp. want to know, “What’s the I.Q. of your digital signage?”

That was the banner hanging over the booth shared by the two companies at this year’s KioskCom Self Service Expo and The digital signage Show in Las Vegas, showcasing Noventri’s product line based on Harris’ Infocaster digital signage solution.

“There’s a lot of digital signage solutions that are available that will show information on the screen; however it’s not dynamic,” said Noventri vice president Andrew Hoffman. “So how smart is your digital signage? Is it going to just play an MPEG2 file or an MOV, or is it actually going to be dynamic?”

Noventri is showcasing its SF-3000 and Commander products that are based on the Harris Infocaster product, offering hands-on demonstrations of the SF-3000; of the Commander, a touchscreen command station for digital signage networks; and of a wayfinding application that works exclusively with Infocaster.

The Infocaster 4.0 provides deployers with independent, dynamic regions, Hoffman says, including video, picture and text regions that can be updated via a folder or text file. The ease of updating the system also makes the solution dynamic, Hoffman says, because the staff at say a restaurant or a library doesn’t even need to be trained on the software to update the content.

“It makes it a lot smarter,” he said.

Hoffman also talked briefly about the show itself, saying the first day had been a success.

“Attendance is up; there’s more foot traffic than last year…and overall I think we’re getting some really good leads,” he said. “And that’s the key. With this show we’re not getting the 80,000 people that N.A.B. (the National Association of Broadcasters show also going on in Las Vegas this week) is getting, but we’re getting quality leads…It’s really nice.”

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