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KioskCom/DSS: Holo-iTouch from vislogix, right out of 'Star Trek'

The image almost, but not quite, seems to hang in the air.

It’s suspended in a transparent screen, rotating or moving on command, making it an arresting form of digital signage.

The image is hanging in the Holo-iTouch from vislogix, which bills itself as a “manufacturer, distributor and solutions provider in next-gen interactive and projection-based technologies.” The Holo-iTouch was the company’s featured display at this week’s KioskCom Self Service Expo and The digital signage Show in Las Vegas.

Oliver Ferrier, the company’s “chief xperience officer,” says the Holo-iTouch “is the world’s first completely plug-and-play mobile transparent interactive touchscreen.”

Everything in the digital signpost breaks down into smaller components, Ferrier says, from the posts to the base, and the screen is made of a lightweight acrylic, with the touch interface embedded between that and a holographic projection screen.

Everything also packs into one case, he says, and each unit comes with a dedicated PC, projector, projector stand, spare parts and an opaque inlay screen that can be used to mitigate the effects of excess ambient light.

“We’ve basically covered every possible issue that you could have, short of a power failure, when you present or display this at your tradeshow booth, your mobile presentations or your lobby,” Ferrier said on the showfloor.

The company launched the first Holo-iTouch in Amsterdam in 2008, and had one on display at last year’s InfoComm, Ferrier says.

Response to the device, mostly from customers using them at tradeshows, has been strong, with clients reporting a 200 percent increase in booth traffic with the Holo-iTouch, Ferrier says.

“People are like moths that are drawn to the flame, and when they see something like this, it tends to stop them in their tracks,” he said. “Most companies say people are more interested in the screen than what we’re showing on the screen, just because they’re so wowed by it, because it’s just a very unique interactive experience.”