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KIOSKCOM: Beyond video jukeboxes: Ecast releases 40-inch media screen

NEW YORK — Ecast is launching Ecast IQ, a touchscreen media product that gives marketers a dramatically different way to entertain and inform digitally savvy consumers out-of-home. The announcement was made at theKioskCom Self-Service Expobeing held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

The Ecast IQ is a 40-inch vertically oriented flat-panel 1080p high-definition touchscreen powered by Ecast’s media platform. Bringing the functionality of the Internet to out-of-home venues, the Ecast platform utilizes Web-based technology, including DoubleClick DART, to deliver targeted, on-demand content including interactive advertising, video, real-time surveys, games and more.

The Ecast platform supports a wide array of third-party applications, allowing integration of popular services such as mobile, e-commerce and social media including photo sharing. For example, through a partnership with LocaModa — an interactive media platform connecting digital out-of-home, mobile and Web networks — consumers can use their cell phones to interact with Ecast IQ, enhancing the personalized experience by extending it beyond the device itself.

“The interactive out-of-home industry has grown tremendously over the last few years because of its proven ability to engage consumers in new and exciting ways — when they are out of the home and away from their PCs,” said John Taylor, CEO and president, Ecast. 

Ecast operates a touchscreen network that manages more than 100 million touches and serves over a billion ads per month to 10,000 locations nationwide.

Initial market applications include:

— Virtual hotel concierge that allows guests to search for local restaurants, read ratings and make reservations; buy tickets to local movies and events; access local maps and directions; use texting to display messages on a virtual bulletin board; learn about promotions and hotel services; get information on local news and sports; or share photos of their day’s adventures.

— Sports arena entertainment center that allows fans to look up nearby restaurants for post-event meals; publicly text each other, play games or interact with other forms of entertainment while outside of the main event.

— Doctor’s office info-tainment browser to provide patients with wellness and lifestyle information while they wait. Patients can learn about health care tips; access medical websites; plus have instant access to local weather, sports and entertainment.

— Virtual retail assistant that provides targeted promotions throughout the store and allows shoppers to view and interact with online rating services, submit and view in-store shopper reviews, view product comparisons or watch video demonstrations. Retail marketers can use texting to deliver on-the-spot coupons.