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KFC moves forward with digital signage market test

MINNEAPOLIS — Wireless Ronin Technologies Inc. has announced that KFC Corp., a subsidiary of Yum! Brands Inc., has selected Wireless Ronin for the market test phase of its digital signage menu board program. KFC will be using Wireless Ronin’s RoninCast software to monitor and operate a fully integrated digital menu board system. The market test is scheduled to launch this month and is the second phase of testing for the digital menu boards with Wireless Ronin. The first phase commenced in July 2007.
“We are very excited about this opportunity with KFC and with the success our testing has had to date,” said Jeffrey Mack, president and chief executive of Wireless Ronin. “The quick-serve restaurant industry is an ideal venue for our technology, offering the ability for timely changes of information addressing critical communication needs not currently available with static alternatives.”
The decision to move forward to market test was driven by the successful completion of a pilot test program that began in July with five locations installed in Louisville, Ky., Houston and Dallas, Texas. The pilot test reviewed indoor and outdoor applications of digital signage, testing and refining the technical requirements for the hardware, software and menu board functionality. The market test phase will consist of adding 24 locations in two select cities. During market test, in addition to the continued testing of the hardware and software solution, the effectiveness of the menu board content, customer feedback and revenue impact will also be evaluated.

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