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Keywest Technology narrows its digital signage focus

LENEXA, Kan. — Keywest Technology has announced that it is discontinuing its Big VooDoo line of television products, which includes time base correctors/frame synchronizers, picture-in-picture devices, STAR-8 crawl and text inserter as well as the Keywest Technology 440 Quad Channel picture-in-picture inserter.
Retiring the product line tracks the evolution of the broadcast market as it transitions from analog to digital and will let Keywest Technology focus its resources on the growing, ever-changing requirements of the digital signage market.
“Now is the right time to retire the Big VooDoo product lineup,” said company president Nick Nichols. “With the ongoing explosive growth in the digital signage market, discontinuing our legacy analog Big VooDoo products will permit us to devote our internal resources to meeting the demanding requirements of digital signage.”
Keywest Technology will continue to sell Big VooDoo products until its inventory of the items is exhausted. The company also will continue to honor its warranty on those products.
“We built a tradition of superior performance, ease of use and customer satisfaction with our Big VooDoo, STAR-8 and 440,” Nichols said. “We have carried those qualities over to our digital signage products, which our digital signage customers appreciate and have come to expect.”
Keywest Technology will remove discontinued items from its Web site as inventories of those items are depleted.

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