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Keywest Technology extends digital signage signals with MediaXtender

LENEXA, Kan. — Keywest Technology today has unveiled the MediaXtender, a high-quality media distribution device designed to extend the reach of pristine video, audio and control data up to 1000 feet via Cat-5 through Cat-8 cable.

The new MediaXtender allows digital signage system designers and users to separate controller/player devices from panels by as much as 1,000 feet with Cat-5 cable without any image degradation. By taking advantage of the latest chip technology, the Keywest Technology MediaXtender allows high-quality signal transport to remote display panels without the added expense of long RGB cable runs and distribution amplifiers.

By offering an inexpensive way to transport signals to distant display panels, the Keywest Technology MediaXtender offers a high level of flexibility in choosing the location of digital signage controller/server solutions.

“The MediaXtender offers an affordable, high-quality solution for digital signage system designers and communicators who have struggled to locate their media playback servers remotely,” said Keywest Technology president Nick Nichols. “By giving them up to 1,000 feet of extension to their signs with zero loss of quality, they have a lot more freedom in where they can choose to locate their media source.”

The Keywest Technology MediaXtender offers several powerful features that make it ideal for extending digital signage cable runs, including support for distribution of RGB H/V (VGA) signals with resolution up to 1900 x 1200 pixels, stereo audio signals, RS-232 control signal and infrared controller signal. MediaXtender also comes with a convenient knob to control EQ and gain.

digital signage signals with MediaXtender