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Keywest, IOHI use interactive digital signage to drive auto sales

LENEXA, Kan. — Keywest Technology, a developer of digital signage software and hardware solutions, has announced that enterprise partner IOHI, a national audio/video marketing company based in Tulsa, Ok., has developed a turnkey interactive sales and marketing display aimed at increasing sales for auto dealers using Keywest’s Media POD and I3 interactive software.

The tool combines IOHI-designed graphics, video and text individualized for specific auto dealers with an I3-generated on-screen interactive control layer, the Media POD digital signage player, a flat panel display and touchscreen sensors to expand the effectiveness of on-premise sales and marketing efforts.

“This new interactive display is an elegant implementation of Keywest Technology’s Media POD and I3 interactive software,” said Keywest Technology president Nick Nichols. “It demonstrates how the power of digital signage to attract attention can be leveraged when touchscreen interactivity normally associated with traditional kiosk technology is added.”

IOHI’s first implementation of the interactive digital display is at a high-end auto dealer on the East Coast. For this application, IOHI built a 300-page-deep interactive presentation running on the Media POD using existing and IOHI-created graphic elements, including logos and images, promotional video and commercial footage.

The interactive system allows customers to navigate to the specific information they desire. Perhaps the most eye-catching aspect of the implementation is IOHI’s clever use of interactivity to allow customers to touch the screen and customize the color, interior and options of the model they like.

When not being used interactively, the flat panel reverts to a traditional digital sign displaying a screensaver custom-designed by IOHI that combines a variety of elements, including still images of the vehicles available and clips from commercials.  The result is true digital art which enhances the showroom atmosphere and expands the client’s brand.

Beyond sales and marketing, the interactive display for auto dealerships can be used to allow customers to navigate to specific information regarding car financing, warranties, options and more.

“We believe our new interactive solution for car dealers should be on the desk of every finance manager as well as in the waiting areas and other high traffic areas around the showroom floor,” said Dana Justus, director of operations for IOHI.

“By allowing customers to engage more deeply in the sales process via our interactive approach, auto dealers can begin realizing substantial ROI from their technology investment,” she said.

digital signage to drive auto sales