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K-12 digital menu boards by Epicure Digital, presented by Green Edge Systems

Green Edge Systems, a provider of technology solutions for K-12 school food services, has announced that it is representing Epicure Digital’s K-12 Digital Menu Board System, with nutritional labeling to meet requirements in the new health care reform law — helping K-12 schools fight childhood obesity and promote K-12 breakfast programs.

The new health care reform act passed into law by Congress sets a national standard for nutritional labeling on food establishments with 20 or more locations.

Green Edge Systems represents digital menu board company Epicure Digital Systems in the K-12 market.

According to a release from Green Edge, Epicure Digital pioneered the display of nutritional information on digital menu boards in 2003 for the U.S. Navy. Every menu item description includes the portion size, number of calories, grams of fat and amount of cholesterol, along with a red heart icon beside menu items when the item meets healthy Navy option standards.

Nutritional menu labeling by Epicure Digital informs customers to make healthier meal choices by displaying nutritional data and icons next to menu items on digital menu boards entered manually or imported from a third-party system.

Epicure Digital Systems designs customized digital menu boards that solve complex menu engineering and point-of-sale marketing issues. By creatively combining information, motion, imagery and food photography, they produce visually compelling multimedia menus and promotions to help sell menu items and enhance the dining experience. They call this experience “The Cure for the Menu Bored.”

Epicure Digital clients include educational institutions, hospitals, independent and chain restaurants, contract food service companies, businesses, cinemas and casinos, among others.