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John Ryan completes digital signage rollout for top-five U.S. bank in under six months

MINNEAPOLIS — John Ryan has completed the rollout of multimedia messaging system for one of the five largest banks in the U.S. The majority of sites in the 1,300-branch network were launched in just 28 weeks.

Powered by John Ryan’s Messaging Manager platform, the new system features flat screens in high-visibility locations at each branch. The system allows marketers to send unique messages to each site based on local characteristics, market data, daypart and CRM data.

Key results since the rollout of the new messaging system include:
• A doubling of message recall and a quadrupling in the number of customers who can recall more than one message. • Eight percent of customers pursued more information about products advertised during the same branch visits. • Four times more customers found the branch “easy to navigate” and “well organized.” • 85 percent of employees said the elements helped support their sales conversation, and 80 percent said they supported efforts to make referrals.

“This project provides definitive evidence of the value of more careful message targeting at the point of sale,” said Maggie Pyzdrowski, North American managing director of John Ryan. “By fine-tuning messages based on market knowledge, the bank achieves consistently improved results. Superior ROI through precision targeting is welcome news for marketers operating under tight budget constraints.”

digital signage rollout for top-five U.S. bank in under six months