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Japan's Uniqlo invades US, NEC digital signage to help

Japan’s Uniqlo is coming to America to take on affordable fashion retailers like the Gap and H&M, and NEC Display Solutions is outfitting the stores with digital signage.

NEC Corp. and NEC Display Solutions Ltd. announced today the provision of digital signage solutions for Fast Retailing Co. Ltd. and its new global flagship store, “Uniqlo New York Fifth Avenue” and Uniqlo’s third largest location in the city, “Uniqlo New York 34th Street.”

NEC provides the stores with approximately 430 displays, such as the large quad multidisplay, consisting of 46-inch ultra-narrow displays, and its content distribution systems. The digital signage automatically displays Uniqlo advertisements, including products and models, which contributes to the contemporary atmosphere of the stores and reduces costs for paper-based advertising such as posters.

This digital signage and content are remotely controlled at Uniqlo’s data center in Japan, while NEC’s content distribution system enables flexible content distribution to each store throughout the world. NEC takes a role in the operation of the digital signage systems as well through a private cloud computing environment.

NEC can also provide “PanelDirector,” a total digital signage service solution that capitalizes on NEC’s advanced face recognition and audience measurement technologies to create and deliver content and services.

Furthermore, NEC and Miracle Linux Corp. jointly developed a new Linux based set-top-box that enables the smooth display of animated content on multidisplays as one single image, according to NEC.

“As one of Fast Retailing’s global partners, we are proud to have met their high standards and to work together to deliver a truly unique and powerful enterprise solution to grow their business,” said Masaru Takaishi, GM of the Telecom and Contents Solutions Division at NEC Corp.

NEC has already delivered more then 1,000 panels to Uniqlo’s main global branches such as “Uniqlo Central World Store” in Thailand, “Uniqlo Gangnam” in Korea and the biggest Uniqlo branch in Tokyo, “Uniqlo Ikebukuro Tobu Store.”

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