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Inwindow Outdoor creates iPhone app, pays advertisers to download

Inwindow Outdoor, a provider of digital storefront advertising, has launched a free mobile application for the iPhone and, for a limited time, is paying media buying and advertising professionals to download it.

The outdoor advertising company’s application includes a collection of vibrant imagery and videos from recent campaigns created at street-level and mall locations across the country. The app also features the latest company and industry news and hosts live feeds from the company’s Twitter and Facebook pages. With push notification technology, users of the Inwindow Outdoor mobile application can be kept informed the moment a new update to the app is created.

For a limited time, Inwindow Outdoor is offering a $1 PayPal payment to media buyers and others in the advertising industry who download the application. Simply download the free app and send the receipt from Apple to[email protected]from a qualified industry email address to receive your $1 payment.

“Inwindow Outdoor has always been about the integration of technology into the outdoor advertising industry, and our mobile application is another example,” said Steve Birnhak, CEO of Inwindow Outdoor. “We are very proud of the great work we have done and excited about sharing the images and the detail using what is still a relatively new form of communication. Yet we know that with over 100,000 iPhone apps, we need to incentivise people to make the effort to download ours. We are confident that if they do, they will find it informative, stimulating and useful.”

The app can be found at the iTunes App Store, by searching for ‘Inwindow.’