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Interactive signage comes to Norwegian Museum of Science & Technology

EXTON, Pa. — Scala, a provider of end-to-end connected signage software, announced that the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology has deployed an interactive digital information network.

The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology (NTM) in Oslo is Norway’s national museum for science, technology, industry, transportation and medicine. The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology is one of Norway’s most visited museums, popular for families as well as school classes. The museum is about 20,000 square meters and covers four different floors.   In an effort to make the exhibitions more engaging, the museum decided to employ interactive digital information screens. The museum’s goal is to encourage audience enthusiasm and stimulate learning. NTM turned to Scala Certified Partner Kongsberg Intellifield AS and their collaborator Eytor Interaktiv Media to create a compelling solution.   The solution proposed for the museum was to use Scala to create an interactive experience for the audience in both the “Climate X” exhibition and in the ScienceCenter.   Spectacular effects are used in this exhibition to show the causes and effects of global warming. The exhibition raises questions about our political choices, consumer behavior and technology development. The visitors wear special rubber boots when entering the exhibition, as the floor is covered with 10 cm of water to illustrate the effect of increasing sea level.

Various relevant questions are displayed on the projector screen concerning global warming issues. The audience is encouraged to involve themselves and provide a yes or no answer by stepping on a red or green footprint embedded in the water. After a few seconds, the answers are compiled and displayed on the projector screen, citing the number of participants and the percentage of correct answers. The fact that the footprints (triggers) were embedded in water made the installation a unique challenge.   The ScienceCenter uses Scala at two exhibits. One exhibit includes an interactive water-pump installation that demonstrates energy creation through waterpower. Visitors follow on-screen instructions to pump water. When completed the screen displays the amount of energy created and how the energy can be employed.   Another exhibit emulates an interactive weather station where visitors can experience various occurrences of extreme weather. The visitor uses a touchscreen, showing different examples of extreme weather. The resulting weather is displayed on a big screen surrounded by mirrors to enhance the effect.   “The highlight of the exhibit was the ability to deploy a topically relevant digital information solution in a demanding exhibition environment,” said Eytor Sigurbergsson, consultant with Eytor Interaktiv Media. “The Scala digital signage platform contributed to the success of the deployment by providing critical functionality to accommodate the unique requirements of the exhibit.”