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Interactive kiosks & digital signs powered by iPads on Charleston, SC, trolleys

According to WCBD-TV in Charleston, S.C., the Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority announced the launch of its first iPad-powered mobile kiosk giving CARTA riders interactive access to information about cultural sites and local businesses.

The kiosks — a collaboration between CARTA and Slicker Interactive installed on all 12 trolleys on CARTA DASH routes — allow bus riders to interact with and search Slicker’s popular City Slicker app which is available on the iTunes App Store to access a wealth of information about cultural sites and businesses. In addition to the interactive kiosk, the iPad powers a digital signage screen which displays videos and images of establishments the bus is approaching.

Some of the features these kiosks provide to bus riders include:

Mapping: Geolocation of the route, the stops and places of interest along the way Bus Tracker: Riders can see where the buses are, relative to their location Community Highlights and Helpful Hints: Educate, entertain and inform the public You can take it with you: The same information on the kiosk is available for download on a personal device

City Slicker’s Bus Tracker feature also provides CARTA customers a way to check on the location of their bus while they wait.

“CARTA is always striving to provide the best service for the Charleston area,” said CARTA Interim Executive Director Christine Wilkinson in the announcement. “This addition to our DASH routes enhances the rider experience without any additional cost in fare.”

Slicker Interactive partnered with Direct Media to enable CARTA to have these kiosks installed on the DASH Trolleys in downtown Charleston, and it hopes to use this successful pilot with CARTA as a model for other transit systems across the country.

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