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Interactive digital signage comes to Irish mall

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — GestureTek Inc., a provider of gesture-controlled interactive entertainment and presentation systems, has announced the launch of the company’s ScreenFX interactive multi-media display system in the new Charleston Mall in Dublin, Ireland. The installation is one of Europe’s largest interactive retail signage systems.
GestureTek partnered with Ireland’s TouchPoint Interactive Media and Strategem Integrated Communications on the Charleston Mall project. ScreenFX was installed on a 103″ Panasonic flat screen. Using a patented, camera-enabled body-tracking technology, ScreenFX tracks passersby and responds intelligently to their movement.
Custom holiday-themed screen content was created that can be changed seasonally. For example, on Halloween, shoppers might swat away a group of vampire bats, while during the holidays shoppers might brush away snow from an image of a winter landscape. Mall information, such as holiday hours or logos, can also be displayed in an interactive and visually-appealing manner.
Along with ScreenFX, GestureTek’s GroundFX interactive floor display system was installed near the mall entrances. GroundFX is a visual display system that allows people to use hand and body motions to interact with images, games or advertisements projected directly onto the floor.
“Imagine stepping into a computer-generated landscape and controlling the content simply by moving your hands or feet. It’s an effective way to enrich the retail experience for shoppers,” said Vincent John Vincent, president of GestureTek. “Multiple independent studies cite the higher levels of brand retention achieved with this type of unique interactive signage.”

digital signage comes to Irish mall