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INFOCOMM: SVSi introduces switching solution, voLANte viewer

MADISON, Ala. — Southern Vision Systems Inc. (SVSi) will introduce the voLANte DiVAS distributed AV matrix switching solution, a ground-breaking addition to its voLANte product line, this week at the InfoComm09 show in Orlando. The DiVAS solution is a revolutionary approach to switching HD video signals using enterprise-class network switches. By leveraging the reliability, cost and features of off-the-shelf network switches commonly used to send data and voice over IT infrastructures, DiVAS switches multiple video streams significantly faster, less expensively and in a smaller footprint than traditional analog matrix switches. Full HD 1080p switching can be implemented for as few as 10×10 video streams to as many as 1000×1000 with complete reuse of hardware.

The DiVAS switching solution is enabled by the video-over-IP technology in voLANte’s video extension products. VoLANte’s video-over-IP transmitters generate IP Multi-Cast packets that are efficiently handled by network switches and routers. A distributed matrix video switcher can be constructed from multiple IGMP-enabled network switches located in separate buildings but tied together by high-speed fiber trunk lines on the switch. In this distributed scenario, any input video channel in any building can be routed to any output video channel in any building.

Using technology unique to voLANte, each DiVAS switch port can accommodate up to 10 independent video stream inputs and each output port can accommodate 10 independent video stream outputs. Each output can be daisy-chained to an unlimited number of displays as long as no more than 10 separate streams are requested from one switch port. voLANte receivers convert the Ethernet packets back into synchronized video and audio for display. Bi-directional serial signals allow control of each display independently.

The company also announced its voLANte Viewer, a software application that runs on a host computer connected to a voLANte video network. The Viewer software replaces the voLANte VRR104 hardware receiver and displays high-quality video on the host display. A mix of hardware receivers and software viewers can be used on any voLANte video network.