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INFOCOMM: SunBrite unveils all-weather outdoor touchscreen

MOORPARK, Calif. — SunBriteTV, provider of all-weather outdoor LCD television technology, announced the introduction of Model 4610HD-TS, a 46-inch all-weather touchscreen display designed for outdoor commercial installations.

“Model 4610HD-TS is the big brother to our current 32-inch model. This unit offers the advantage of a larger screen and a higher resolution image,” said Lynn Stearn, vice president of sales and marketing. “We’ve integrated a bright 46-inch LCD HD display and weather-resistant interactive touchscreen into an all-weather exterior that protects the system from rain, dirt, insects and extreme temperature ranges. This design gives users the option of using the unit without a kiosk or enclosure, which can be cost-saving to many installations.”

The 46-inch LCD HD screen on Model 4610HD-TS displays a bright full-HD 1080p pixel image with 2000:1 contrast ratio. Built into the all-weather exterior, in front of the LCD screen is the all-weather interactive touchscreen that is available in either Surface Acoustic Wave technology or Dispersive Signal technology.

The filtered airflow system within the unit keeps the TV cool in temperatures up to 122º F. When the internal temperature dips to 32º F, the interior heater activates automatically, allowing the TV to safely remain outdoors in temperatures as low as -24º F.

SunBriteTV’s watertight cable entry system and cable pass-through design ensures quick and easy hook-up to a wide selection of video inputs, including two HDMI connections, component, VGA, S-video, composite, RF, RS232 serial and the discreet IR control. Using a fiber optic light path, the IR window is concealed inside the water-tight cable door. The water-resistant detachable speaker module can to be removed when the TV is integrated with an external sound system or when audio is not required.

The MSRP of Model 4610HD-TS is $7,995.