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InfoComm: Gesturetek adding networking and metrics to interactive display solutions

ORLANDO, Fla. — GestureTek Inc., inventor and multiple patent holder in camera-enabled gesture-recognition technology for display, presentation and entertainment systems, has announced several new products and product upgrades aimed at the systems integration market. These products reflect some of the most advanced gesture -applications in the market, including 3D depth sensing, multitouch, immersion and portable interactivity. The technologies will be displayed at Infocomm09 at the Orange County Convention Centre from June 17-19, Booth 2178.
New networking and user metrics capabilities for ScreenXtreme
GestureTek’s ScreenXtreme immersive, interactive advertising and digital signage technology tracks people’s movements and puts their real-time video image onscreen into an interactive digital environment or advertisement. People interact with the onscreen content and make changes to the graphics and special effects by moving their hands and body. ScreenXtreme has been newly equipped with a customized network monitoring, content management and advertising metric system. The system allows groups of screens to be organized and managed remotely, providing operational status as well as allowing for content updates. An integrated face tracker provides advertising metrics including “number of views” and “duration per view.” The amount of interaction per advertisement is captured as an additional metric.
Also new, the same ScreenXtreme interactive and immersive functionality that is used on digital signs and advertising networks is also now widely used by both retailers and advertisers on outdoor storefront windows. These same monitoring and networking features are also being integrated into GestureTek’s GestureFX System and the plug-and-play interactive projection floor system, the Cube.
“We’re continually improving ScreenXtreme to meet the requirements of the advertising and marketing community,” said Vincent John Vincent.  “User metrics and networking capability are invaluable for advertising campaigns where cost justification and sales results are critical.”
The CUBE, GestureTek’s new portable interactive floor display system, provides an interactive multimedia environment to project advertising and promotional content at any time and in any location, regardless of lighting conditions or space constraints. The Cube comes with more than 70 eye-catching games and special effects applications.
Other features include the ability for integrators to make their own changes to content, such as logos or background graphics, with a simple press of a button. This capability eliminates the need for custom application development support.
Hardware refinements include the use of a high-end 2700 lumens projector with an ultra short throw lens, for a brilliant image on the floor in any lighting condition. Retailers and other organizations such as Old Navy, Sears, IBM, American Family Insurance, Cineviz, Diageo and others have been attracted to the Cube because it provides all the promotional benefits of a traditional large-scale interactive digital signage system without the financial and technical commitment of having to install the system in the ceiling.
3D depth-sensing technology for interactive displays
Infocomm attendees will have the opportunity to interact with GestureTek’s new 3D tracking technology, which uses a depth camera and video gesture-control software to enable users to control interactive displays and other consumer devices with simple hand gestures and poses instead of button presses. Other 3D visualization applications include full-body avatar control, two-handed and multi-touch control, 360º navigation control and depth tracking digital signage that detects the movement of passers-by and displays advertising messages that follow them as they walk.
Illuminate vertical multi-touch
GestureTek’s Illuminate multitouch/multipoint tables now come turnkey with a choice of three screen sizes (30-, 40- and 55-inch), giving systems integrators more flexibility than ever to choose a size-appropriate multi-touch display that adheres to the parameters of their clients’ display space. Along with delivering the same award-winning multitouch technology into custom-sized tables, GestureTek also now offers multitouch on vertical surfaces such as freestanding plexiglas or glass screens, store windows, etc. Optional object recognition and finger tracking is available as required.