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INFOCOMM: DT Research unveils two new signage appliances

ORLANDO, Fla. — DT Research Inc. today announced the release of the MS1600, a new signage appliance in the WebDT Signage System line, capable of powering content over up to 16 screens. The MS1600, or WebDT Multi Screen Appliance, enables powerful content streaming on anywhere from two to 16 displays, and offers content blending, or tiling, across screens.

The MS1600 is powered by the Intel Quad-Core i7 processor and provides full HD 1080p video quality to every screen. Running Microsoft Windows operating systems, the WebDT Multi Screen Appliance displays content files in native resolution, so images are sharp and true to original properties, even when presented on multiple displays or large screens, maintaining optimal picture quality.

The company also announced the release of the SA3000, a new signage appliance with full HD 1080p video quality performance.

The SA3000 features a powerful and energy-efficient Intel Core 2 Duo processor in a compact and robust package. Based on 45nm transistor technology, the SA3000 provides huge gains in video processing speed, improving content playback quality for smooth streaming. With low heat generation and reduced power consumption, the SA3000 is an energy-saving “green” appliance.

Using the Microsoft Windows XP Embedded operating system, the SA3000 is easy to integrate with other applications. Full high-definition graphics provide 1920×1080 resolution for all media content, and all major media files are supported. The fanless SA3000 has no moving parts, adding to reliability, reducing total cost of ownership while maintaining green operation with reduced energy consumption. Options for the SA3000 include wireless networking and hard-disk or solid-state drives for storage.