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InfoComm: DT Research adds to WebDT digital signage line

At InfoComm this week, DT Research Inc. announced the release of the MS800 and MS400, two new digital signage appliances in the WebDT Signage System line, capable of powering content on up to eight and four screens, respectively.

The MS800 enables powerful content streaming on anywhere from two to eight displays, and the MS400 powers up to four screens with digital signage content. These new WebDT Multi Screen Appliances offer content blending, or tiling, across screens and along with WebDT Content Manager software provide the industry’s first fully integrated system with 1080p over up to eight screens and multi-zone management for up to 16 zones, the company says.

The MS800 and MS400 are both powered by the Intel Core i3 processor, with an upgrade option to the Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7, providing full HD (1080p) video quality to every screen. A digital signage grouping of two by two displays would offer up to 3840 x 2160 resolution, the company said in a release.

“Appliance manufacturers that are backed by strong engineering resources, such as DT Research, continue to bring advanced, robust digital signage applications to the market, providing high-quality experiences to out-of-home advertising, ” said Jose Avalos, director of digital signage, Intel.

The MS800 and MS 400 are ideal for applications that require high-resolution on multiple screens including menu boards, flight/transportation information and creative display arrangements. The energy efficient MS800 and MS400 enable dynamic digital signage deployments in spaces where multiple screens are indoors and viewed by audiences at close range, such as shopping malls, entertainment venues and airports.

Each of the screens powered by the MS800 and MS400 can be remotely managed with the WebDT Content Manager software, which is bundled with the appliances. This intuitive interface software is used for organizing, scheduling, and deploying content to the digital signage network.
The WebDT Content Manager provides multiple zone support and planning for each display, so that a screen can be divided into up to 16 zones with different content in each zone. With WebDT Content Manager, all screens can show the same content, each screen can play different content, or content can be blended over several screens. The WebDT Content Manager also allows users to create many combinations across multiple screens, such as four zones on two screens, two zones on five screens, and hundreds of other possible screen layouts.

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