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iD Media window screen launched at Brussels International Airport

BRUSSELS, Belgium — IDklic, an alternative and digital out-of-home media agency specializing in digital signage, has won a contract with Brussels International – Tourism & Congress (BI-TC), the Brussels Convention & Visitors Bureau, for the deployment of a digital signage solution at the BI-TC’s Brussels Airport stand.
Behind this partnership lies BI-TC’s recent decision to improve the reception of VIP visitors arriving in Brussels by modernizing the BI-TC information stand in the airport’s baggage area. The newly refurbished stand, which represents the first point of contact to welcome guests, is equipped with window screen technology displaying practical information, and with a person present to inform and direct the guests.
One of the main challenges of this project revolved around finding innovative ways to attract guests’ and travelers’ attention in an already extremely cluttered advertising environment. IDklic opted for its iD Media Screen Solution assuring maximum impact while maintaining a reasonable cost for the BI-TC. 
IDklic installed a retro-projector, the NEC3051, of a 4,000-lumen capacity with the ability to project an image from up to five meters.
“Due to our close relationship with NEC, and our constant satisfaction of their technologies and products, we decided to collaborate with them again for this new project,” said Nathaniel Van Parijs, iDklic’s chief operating officer. “iDklic has also continued to work with NAVORI and its Web interface. IDklic’s project management team carried out the deployment and installation of the screen in half a day at the Brussels airport following strict security guidelines.”
Since the launch of the iD Media Screen Solution, iDklic is responsible for the maintenance, the management and monitoring of the network, as well as for the creation and monthly updates of messages through its creative branch, iDklic Creative.
The newly installed screen displays informational messages, advertising congresses and other cultural events happening in Brussels. When no events are taking the place, the screen is used to advertise Brussels and to promote all the touristy aspects of the city including culture, art and gastronomy. The content is updated weekly and customized for each new event. BI-TC welcomes its VIP guests with the use of an RSS feed and a banner.
The iD Media Screen Solution allows quick response and unlimited personalization. iDklic creates at least four new messages per week and has developed Flash templates allowing BI-TC to interact with the media without requiring elaborate IT or design skills.