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iCap measures customer reaction to end-caps

TAMPA, Fla. — TruMedia Technologies Inc. has adapted its out-of-home digital measurement solution to retail environments. The new iCap solution measures consumer reaction to end-cap and stand alone displays. The system’s proprietary video analytics technology can tell marketers if a shopper saw and ultimately approached a display as well as their average dwell time. It also reveals shopper age and gender without recording or offering any personally identifying characteristics.

When combined with TruMedia’s other products like the iTally, an opportunity-to-see (OTS) people counter, marketers have even more information at their fingertips to determine the most effective location and best creative content for their end-cap displays.

StoreCheck, a company that provides IT solutions to evaluate marketing performances at the point of sale, has been testing out the iCap system in a convenience store in Mexico City.

“We’ve been using the TruMedia technology for a few weeks now and it’s incredible what we are seeing,” said Rodrigo Sola, commercial manager, StoreCheck. “We had always assumed certain things like the traffic pattern in the store and what displays worked better than others, but now we are able to see hard data that communicates to us important shopper behavior information.”

Most marketers hire people to physically monitor stores for this type of information which is costly, time consuming and prone to human error. By using an automated system, marketers can quickly tell how their ads are affecting consumer behavior and alter their creative content to optimize their in-store efforts and stimulate sales.