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I.C.G. to narrowcast New Year's Eve world record jump through digital signage

I.C.G. and Gladstone’s Long Beach restaurant have partnered to bring real-time, interactive content to the 2009-2010 New Year’s Eve party in Long Beach, Calif. The party will feature the world-record car jump attempt by Travis Pastrana.

I.C.G., utilizing its wireless digital signage application, will be displaying real-time content to dozens of displays throughout the venue. These displays will post real-time interaction from patrons at Gladstone’s and around the world through tweets, emails, and texts to the LCD screens and the Web. On site, the displays will enhance customer experience by showing content relevant to the jump, Gladstone’s and other New Year’s Eve venue sponsors.

John Sangmeister, CEO of Gladstone’s Long Beach, said he feels strongly that this event will be the preeminent eventĀ on the West Coast.

“Given the venue, the atmosphere, the hype, and the steps we’ve taken to create a unique environment, this party will be truly one of a kind,” he said. “We are very excited for Thursday evening.”
Here is a video of the ramp for the event being built at Gladstone’s:

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