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Hughes expands digital signage offering with Accuweather

GERMANTOWN, Md. — Hughes Network Systems LLC has announced that enterprise customers of its HughesNet Managed digital signage service will now be able to display real-time weather information at their retail sites from AccuWeather Inc., a provider of weather information for companies such as Gas Station TV and FuelCast. Hughes is initially bringing this offering to gas stations and convenience stores, where displaying the latest weather conditions will be an important value-add to end customers.
Through, AccuWeather offers highly localized, accurate and reliable weather forecasts for more than 2.7 million locations worldwide. Real-time delivery of content will be managed and delivered to enterprise customers of the HughesNet Managed digital signage service.
Depending upon the application chosen by the enterprise, a customer watching a display could be presented three forecast choices: current, hourly and five day.
“Weather is perhaps the most valuable real-time content in keeping a consumer-facing digital signage solution relevant, particularly for those traveling by car,” said Jeff Bixler, assistant vice president of business development at Hughes. “We chose AccuWeather for its marquee brand and superior forecasting content, which consumers will undoubtedly find useful and may positively impact a purchasing decision.”
Offering accurate weather content is also valuable to digital signage customers seeking third-party advertising revenues, because timely forecasts keep people tuned into the content being delivered and that means a more captive audience for advertisers.

digital signage offering with Accuweather