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HitachiTFT displays for digital signage and self-service terminals

The Hitachi Display Products Group announced that it has a range of high performance IPS-Pro TFT display modules available which are ideally suited for public information, self-service terminals, kiosk and entertainment based applications and terminals.

The Hitachi TFT display modules include the 17″ WXGA TX43D55VM0BAA, 17″ SXGA TX43D57VC0CAA, 19″ WSXGA+ TX48D21VM0CAA and 21.3″ UXGA TX54D13VC0CAA. These displays feature Hitachi’s IPS-Pro (in-plane switching) display technology, which meet the needs of high brightness and contrast while offering excellent image quality over wide viewing angles. In-plane switching display technology can therefore ensure that the information being displayed can be easily read from all viewing angles without any impact on colour or image consistency.

digital signage systems providing self-service facilities are starting to significantly influence consumer behavior, and as a result the market for terminal type products is likely to grow rapidly as the popularity of self-service point of sale, ticketing, information, advertising and entertainment terminals increases,” said Steve Donohoe, technical manager, Hitachi Display Products Group. “Hitachi is able to offer a range of high quality, high resolution display solutions that support 5:4, 4:3 and wide screen format aspect ratios which also support customer demands for product longevity and durability.”

Displays used in public information and self service terminals need to provide exceptional and highly consistent readability in differing ambient light conditions. Hitachi’s large size IPS TFT display modules provide the ideal display solution for digital signage and self service terminal applications. The 17″, 19″ and 21.3″ Hitachi IPS TFT displays provide a highly stable color image from any viewing angle. These new display products offer excellent color saturation with very high contrast ratios. The exceptional black levels combined with improved transmittance helps to provide contrast ratios of up to 1000:1. These characteristics also mean that high brightness can be achieved without increasing the power consumption of the backlight. These display characteristics and attributes are essential requirements when selecting a display for use in kiosk or terminal applications. Hitachi’s IPS TFT display modules are supplied via Hitachi Display Products Group distribution partners and are available across Europe immediately.

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