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Health Club Media Network announces partnership with Town Sports International, screens included

Health Club Media Network (HCMN), the nation’s largest provider of advertising and marketing opportunities for national brands in health clubs, announced today that Town Sports International Holdings, Inc., the largest owner and operator of fitness clubs in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States, has joined its network.
The addition of TSI extends HCMN’s exclusive media and marketing offerings into nearly 4,000 health clubs, with significant depth in the top DMAs – including New York, where adding TSI expands HCMN into close to 450 clubs.
This long-term and exclusive agreement begins immediately and will include installation of HCMN’s static panel and digital screen media offerings in all TSI clubs. HCMN’s digital strategy, unique in the health club industry, leverages its own installed screens running continuously throughout the day in each club’s common workout areas – broadcasting brand client advertising and related messaging that is seamlessly integrated with relevant club-specific content (e.g.: class schedules, fitness personnel profiles, monthly club promotions, etc.), to which members seek out and pay attention. 
“This truly a watershed event for HCMN and our industry, and it clearly shows that focus is rewarded by success,” said Ken Williams, HCMN’s CEO. “We are the only media provider in the health club sector with 100 percent focus on the fitness industry. I strongly believe this gives us a significant edge over our competitors in effectively serving the needs of our club partners while delivering the best, most well-executed campaigns for our brand clients. Our digital strategy is a perfect example of that. Our digital development team has deep insight into the in-club and member communication needs of health club operators and our systems have been built from the ground up with this in mind. This allows us to offer a digital product that our club partners see as adding real value to the member experience, which just further enhances the engagement level and impact of our clients’ campaigns.” 
“This was an important decision on our part and we were very deliberate in our selection process,” said Alex Alimanestianu, Town Sports International’s CEO. “When the contract with our previous provider came up for renewal last year, we saw it as an opportunity to review the players in this space again. Beyond size, HCMN has a clear understanding of and sensitivity to the unique, intimate and personal environment that exists within health clubs. In the end, HCMN’s combination of skill, experience and industry focus were decisive for us.”
This announcement follows an extremely active year for HCMN in 2009, in which the company expanded its fitness network by nearly 30 percent, grew its digital platform significantly, as well as executed its first in-club promoted mobile marketing campaigns on behalf of a number of clients.