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Hardee's, Kia Motors, others testing networked digital photo frames

BOSTON – Frame Media Inc., a provider of software and content for wireless digital picture frames, announced an ad-testing partnership with Initiative Innovations. Featured on rotating stock quotes, weather updates, news from around the world, and other channels, Lionsgate, Dr Pepper, Snapple, Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s and Kia Motors are among the Initiative Innovations clients initially participating in the advertising test on wireless digital picture frames. In tandem, Initiative also worked with Snapple to build a content channel displaying their collection of more than 650 Snapple Real Facts.

A screen shot from one of the frames being tested with Kia Motors.

FrameChannel delivers dynamic content to wireless photo frames. In recent months, the company has finalized deals with most of the major digital frame manufacturers to incorporate FrameChannel as the tool that lets consumers program their frames right out of the box. Frame owners can then combine their photos with content from the FrameChannel library, including feeds from hundreds of channels spanning educational, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, news and more.   Initiative Innovations sees FrameChannel as a unique media format – utilizing what could be considered a fourth screen in the home. With advertisers and media companies looking for new ways to connect with consumers, the emergence of wireless digital picture frames offers a new medium for brands to explore as the channel continues to grow.

“FrameChannel is gathering a large and diverse content library and is thrilled to partner with Initiative to test display advertising and branding opportunities using FrameChannel,” said Alan Phillips, co-founder of Frame Media. “We strongly believe that digital frames are a great opportunity for advertisers to extend their reach in unique and compelling ways.”