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Giant ad screens coming to Chicago, NY buses

NEW YORK — Titan Worldwide announced that it has signed a multi-million dollar deal with Litelogic, the U.K.-based digital advertising network solutions provider, to receive and display king-size screens on transit authority buses, starting with tests in New York and Chicago.
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These LED screens will be fitted with GPS technology and will be powered by Litelogic’s proprietary Litecast software platform so that they can be instantly changed to reflect their location. Its dynamic systems will allow advertisers to target specific locations at specific times of day using high definition quality advertisements.
By the year end, it is expected that numbers will increase from an initial 100 buses to a total of 300, with 200 potentially deployed in New York and 100 in Chicago. This is the first digital bus advertising launch in North America, and the first of its scale anywhere in the World.