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Genr8 bringing ‘Millenial'-targeted content to clubs and cafes

SYDNEY — Genr8 Digital Media has signed a contract with Saaze Corporation earlier this year for a supply of 30-second interstitials targeted at the Millenials age group.

The selected Genr8 clips are available for viewing in selected venues and cafes around San Francisco and are predominantly viewed by high school and college students. The displayed clips have generated such a high level of attention and positive feedback from the venue owners and viewers that Saaze Corporation is now planning to extend the number and style of venues in which the selected Genr8 clips are played to bars and nightclubs.

“Saaze’s company tag states: ‘Inform, Entertain, Engage your target audience’ – and we have been able to do just that by partnering with Genr8,” said Saaze Corporation’s Mariam Ispahani. Their clips, which are played between paid advertisements, have captured and engaged the viewers of our digital signage screens.  The ongoing feedback from our locations is extremely positive, and the demand for continually refreshed clips has increased. The proactive and rapidly responsive Genr8 team is a pleasure to work with.”