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Future Software integrates TVIUM Free to View IPTV solution with its DigiSHOW signage network

Future Software, a UK-based manufacturer of digital signage products, has announced the recent successful integration testing with the TVIUM Free to View IPTV solution from Breeze Technologies and Future Software’s DigiSHOW Advanced Signage Network range of digital signage solutions.

This integration adds to the growing list of third-party products that can add to the overall power and flexibility of the solutions the company provides its clients, according to a company release.

Future Software’s DigiSHOW digital signage product range, introduced more than 12 years ago, has been implemented in a wide range of applications in many different markets in many different countries, the company says.

TVIUM TR100 is a compact TV Gateway that can capture digital television and radio from a digital terrestrial (DVB-T) feed for distribution over a network. Offering a built-in Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to create a complete end-to-end solution in conjunction with digital signage solutions, TVIUM greatly simplifies the integration of IPTV services. TVIUM can be configured in minutes using the remote control and built-in LCD.

“We are delighted the TVIUM successfully integrates with our DigiSHOW solutions, it gives us yet another way to help our customers provide relevant and engaging visual communications directly where it is needed,” said Future Software CEO Chris Fulton. “Integration of the TVIUM with DigiSHOW now gives customers an easy and cost effective way to show TV channels around their IT network and their digital signage network,” said Kevin Crofts, managing director of Breeze Technologies.